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tv   Eyewitness News Midday  ABC  March 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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this area shaded in yellow here. that means the storm prediction center has issued us under that slight risk for severe weather later today. taking you through future cast. some spotty showers. possibly some storms through the afternoon and evening. could be dealing with some wet roads for the evening commute. but then as we head towards 8:00 and 9:00, tracking this line of down pours that will roll on through. this has the potential for containing some hail as well as damaging winds. taking you through our threat tracker for tonight. the main concerns will be isolated storms containing heavy rainfall, producing rainfall rates possibly up to 2 inches per hour. can't rule out hail or damaging winds either. i'll take you through the rest of future cast to show you how long this unsettled weather will stick around. that's ahead in the next half hour. track the approaching showers as you download that free wsoc-tv weather app for your smart phone. and you can use the interactive radar. multiple presidential candidates in the area trying to snap up voter support one
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we have team coverage for you as bernie sanders prepares to speak in university city. but first we'll go to hickory. thousands lined up to see donald trump speak. hundreds were outside protesting. eyewitness news reporter dave faherty watched as tensions rose between the protesters and supporters. dave, tell us about what you saw. well we're still hearing a lot of shouting coming from behind me next to the auditorium. you can see all these people congregated behind me. minutes ago they sent two people out of the auditorium. we saw police escort the folks out of the auditorium while trump was speaking. we've seen a number of clashes after they shut the door. this auditorium holds 1400 people. we had about 5,000 people show up wanting to see donald trump this morning. and we had about 300 to 400 protesters. look at this video i shot this morning. you can see the clashes. we saw at one point folks ran up to a man who had a sign of a confederate flag.
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apart. they went back and forth officers out here right now trying to keep the two groups separated. at times we're seeing the police step between the lines. you may be able to see the peaceful protests that we saw first thing this morning. the majority of these folks are protesting peacefully. but because of the large crowd here, you can see the line. it just stretched entirely across the campus of lenoir rhine university. there were so many people out here that these clashes were bound to happen. looking behind me, you can see all these people out here protesting or coming here to support donald trump. a number of people out around the side of the building when he arrived. i can tell you we saw police take two people in custody at that time. we don't know if any folks were charged out here. live from outside the auditorium where donald trump is speaking now. from outside to inside, let's take a look at what's going on now.
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>> i have friends from mexico. i have friends from japan. they can't believe what they get away with. they can't believe it themselves. we're like the whipping post for the whole world. whether it's in trade, no matter what it is. so we're going to go from the not so smart people, i want to say beyond that, but i'm not going to. we're going to go to the really smart people. we're going to go to the brilliant people. we're going to be respected again as a country. we're not respected at all right now. >> that's just a little bit of what donald trump is saying there inside. we'll have much more on that coming up tonight at 5:00. and throughout this broadcast. but here's chopper 9 sky zoom to give you an idea of the crowds outside. as david mentioned, it's 1400 people that can be inside the auditorium. so many more lined up this morning. these are the over flow crowds there. we've heard of clashes outside. a majority of the protests have been peaceful. about 80 officers there as well trying to keep the peace and
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we'll keep our crews there. we'll keep an eye on this. outside. saying inside there. i'll have it covered for you throughout this broadcast. just in the next 90 minutes the doors will be open for a bernie sanders rally in university city. eyewitness news anchor liz foster continues our team coverage at pnc music pavilion where sanders is expected to tackle several big issues. crews are setting up now. the secret service will sweep this entire venue a few hours before bernie sanders takes the stage to talk to his supporters. what can we expect him to say? he was just in raleigh on friday. creating an economy that benefits the working and middle class. making public universities tuition-free. creating a universal health care system nationwide. cracking down on trade agreements and more. critics said his ideas are
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approve them. supporters of sanders are holding events at phone banks and planning to go door to door asking voters to support the vermont senator. thousands came to see sanders at memorial auditorium in raleigh. and here it appears there maybe enough seats for the supporters. they can come in at 1:30. if you plan to come, limit your personal items to just like keys and cell phones. small things. sanders is expected to speak around 4:30. i'm going to have a complete wrap up of his main talking points tonight on eyewitness news at 5:00. reporting from pnc pavilion, liz foster, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> this should show you how big north carolina is in the hillary clinton is hosting a get out the vote rally. that event will start at 9:15 tonight. former republican presidential nominee mitt romney will campaign in ohio today with john kasich. it's his first time appearing
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he's still not formerly endorsed any candidate. recent poles in ohio show a tight race between kasich and trump. its republican primary is also tomorrow. republican candidate ted cruz will campaign in illinois. he stopped in concord yesterday. he was at the zmax drag way. he vowed to repeal obama care, abolish the irs, and secure the borders. trump is leading among republican voters in north carolina. the wral pole found 41% of voters backed trump. 27 backed cruz. rubio with 14%. a margin of error of 3.8%. we know you can't get to every rally. watch the entire speeches and all the candidates that will be in the area today, we'll be live streaming those. starting with donald trump. that's on now. bernie sanders this afternoon, hillary clinton tonight.
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click on the red bar right there at the top of the page. and you'll see it all right there. and another live look right now at the trump rally. this is just outside as chopper 9 sky zoom shows the folks outside congregating. around 1400 people or so are inside listening to donald trump and chris christie speaking right now. it's feeling more like summer with temperatures in charlotte all ready in the mid 70s. the heat and humidity will lead to the threat for stronger storms later the day. coming up, i'll show you how long the unsettled weather will stick around. a tragic season unfolding
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says a man killed his says a ma we're back right now. the dow is down about 15 points. the nasdaq is down around 4. let's take another live look here from the trump rally right now as donald trump and chris christie are on stage. let's listen in. >> if you look at worldwide, we're number 30 out of 30 countries. we're last out of 30 countries. we're last. but we're first in cost per pupil. we're number one. not even close. by the way, number two, you have norway, sweden, denmark, china, other countries. but these are the best for education. now, we're number one at cost by so much that there isn't even a number two. the number two is so far back. so we spend more per pupil than anybody else and we're down in the bottom. it's a little bit like running for office, okay.
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money and i'm at the highest level. isn't that nice. >> trump there talking about education. we're also live streaming that on our website. these are the crowds outside. we have joe bruno inside. you could follow him on twitter because he's live tweeting from inside. just to follow joe bruno. there's protesters and supporters outside. so far it's been relatively peaceful. a few protesters have been kicked out from inside that event. those seats given up to students.
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are creeping let's go back live to hickory as donald trump continues speaking. they just threw out another protester i should point out. >> we're going to make our military so strong, so powerful, that nobody's going to talk about messing with us. it's the cheapest thing -- [ cheering and applause ] >> it's the cheapest thing we can do. and we're going to go in. we have to get isis. we have to get them out. you know they're chopping off heads. we're going to get them out. we're going to get them out. just think of the great generals, mcarthur and patten and some of these great more modern generals. think of them.
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think about that. but when you look at what we do, we don't fight. it's almost like we don't fight to win. we don't fight. i've been saying hit the oil. hit the oil for years. most of you have been listening. and for years i've been saying take the oil. and they don't do it. they don't do it. take the oil. after paris, when paris was such a horror show. and actually the french, think of this one, the french hit the oil before we did. but i've been saying that for a long time. and i said look -- >> trump talking about the military and foreign affairs. and we're watching something unfold from chopper 9 sky zoom. a bit of a scuffle a minute ago. we did see police move in. we're going to talk with dave here in a few moments and try to get more information on what exactly unfolded there. we know several protesters have been kicked out of this event. if you want to watch what's going on go to we are live streaming it as we will all of the candidates that are in town today.
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and we'll have it there on our website. this midday, lancaster police are investigating a murder- suicide family members tell channel 9 a man killed his stepson and then himself. eyewitness news reporter greg suskin is at the home where family members are shaken and still trying to process exactly what happened. >> reporter: most of the information we have right now is from family members who tell me this whole family was together last night until late in the evening. then they came back here. they don't know what happened after that. right now lancaster police have connor street blocked off. it's been blocked off since 4:00 in the morning. even now, seven to eight hours later, they're still inside the house doing their investigation. family members told me when they came back home, a stepfather shot and killed his stepson and then turned the gun on himself. this happened in front of that person's mother. at this point, we don't know what led to this. what the motive was. several family members told me the stepfather was acting odd
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maybe angry. but they didn't know what about. we have the names that have been released from family members. but not officially released. we'll hold back on that at this time. we hope to get more information from lancaster police as they continue this investigation of a murder suicide in lancaster. greg suskin, channel 9 eyewitness news. gas prices have been creeping up recently. experts say they'll likely go higher. an asheville gas station owner says he's raised his prices 20 cents in a 48 hour period. aaa of the carolinas says prices will likely continue climbing through the month of august. charlotte drivers are still paying about 1.78 on average. $1.85. south carolina's average is let's get to meteorologist vicki graf tracking issues later. that's right. charlotte tower camera. you can see these clouds. they're starting to bubble up. that's the trend through the afternoon. temperatures are all ready warm.
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74 degrees. it feels more like summer. winds are coming in a little breezy from the southwest at 8 miles per hour. and going through the afternoon, we're going to start to see more of the clouds popping up as well as the threat for some scattered showers and storms. it's quiet right now on live early warning doppler 9. but we're still watching this system out to the west. and this is still more than 200 miles west of charlotte. this is going to head this way as we go throughout the afternoon. and that could bring us some stronger storms later tonight. taking you through future cast, christine and i were actually just looking over the data for this afternoon. and temperatures are warm enough right now that we could start to see showers popping up relatively soon. on through the afternoon, pop up showers, possibly an isolated storm as well. then by 7:00, we're going to start to see this line of heavier rain pushing through. and this could also contain some stronger storms. that will roll through the charlotte area. future cast delays this a little bit. closer to around 10:00 or 11:00. this could contain some strong
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you'll want to keep an eye on the skies as we go throughout the afternoon and evening. if you haven't all ready, it's a good time to download our wsoc-tv weather app. use the interactive radar and make sure you're signed up for the severe weather alerts. using the threat tracker for this evening, the main concerns will be isolated storms containing heavy rainfall as well as hail and damaging winds. a low tornado threat for today. but still be prepared for quickly changing weather conditions. here's a look at the temperatures, it's warm and muggy all ready. 74 degrees here in charlotte. 75 in rockingham and chesterfield. and upper 50s to low 60s in the mountains. feeling very muggy. and that's the trend through the afternoon. we'll see highs in charlotte. closer to around 77 degrees. close to the 80s off to the south. and in the mountains we see highs in the mid 60s. later tonight, this is when we'll see the biggest potential for storms that do pack a punch. by 7:00, low 70s as we head towards 9:00, upper 60s. with scattered showers, and storms.
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see that rainfall tonight. but it does clear out as we head through the over night hours. your neighborhood forecast for tomorrow in lancaster. we'll start the day off with sunshine. warming into the low 80s. it's going to be a warm day. just a little bit more sunshine. going through the next several day, we'll keep the heat around through wednesday. changes move in by thursday. a slight chance for showers. toward the end of the week, we'll see a cool down on the way. or temperatures closer to where we should be this time of year in the lower 60s. it's going to be a hot and muggy day. that leads to scattered showers and storms. some storms could be strong to severe. stay with us throughout the afternoon, steve will track them on eyewitness news at 5:00. the storms clear out over night. low 80s for tuesday and wednesday. a few showers possible for st. patrick's day. and your weekend always in view, not as warm in the low 60s, rain by sunday. >> the storms could pack a punch tonight.
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go to bed early tonight. go to bed early there are two democratic visionsfor regulating wall says it's okay to take rmillions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share.
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and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to playby the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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prove this mes back live as donald trump and chris christie are speaking at lenoir rhine university in hickory. right now north carolina is in the spotlight before super tuesday. let's take a live look outside as well. chopper 9 sky zoom is overhead. dave faherty has seen three people taken into custody as two sides clash back and forth. he says there are two dozen officers out there now. many people holding signs. also hillary clinton is in chicago right now. she's speaking at a rally there. this just getting under way a
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and it's also worth noting that bernie sanders will be in -- hillary clinton's coming tonight at 9:15, bernie sanders will be here at 4:30. doors open at 1:30 at pnc music pavilion. all the major candidates will be in our area today. a lot going on. we'll have it all covered for you. this week the ncaa men's basketball tournament tips off with unc as a top seed. the tar heels beat virginia saturday to win the acc tournament. kansas is the over all number one, unc is in the east region with game one thursday night in raleigh. it's a record 15th number one seed for the heels, unc last won in 09. coach is confident his team can make a deep run. >> we pass the ball, we defend, we can rebound the ball. we're pretty good on the back boards. so it's a basketball team that we as coaches have appreciated and pushed and pushed and pushed. and that's what we're going to
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>> meanwhile duke will try to defend their national championship as the number four seed in the west region. they'll travel to providence rhode island for a lunch time game against unc wilmington. in the south region they'll play villanova on friday afternoon. print our your ncaa roster. go to the water cooler section. you'll see that on the home page there. new at noon, hundreds of people in washington state are still dealing with power outages after strong storms last night. take a look. you can see the damage after the winds took down trees and power lines in the puget sound region. you can see live wires there that were just arking there on the ground. in seattle, a fallen tree killed one person. we're expecting powerful winds to move through tonight. we have storms on the way. through the afternoon. we'll be tracking them all afternoon as there will be the threat for some strong to
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eyewitness news at 5:00. and he'll have updates as the storm gets closer but the main threats now, isolated storms containing hail and damaging winds. be weather aware throughout the day. good day to have that app on hand. >> absolutely. make sure you get severe weather alerts. thanks for making channel 9 your source for news this midday.
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at 5:00. ting there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of goingto college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will bea birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all.
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there is timefor rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carriesso much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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and i ask for your vote. announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering and applause] steve: how you folks doing? thank you very much. how you folks doing? everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey, and, boy, we got a good one for you today. we got a family here returning for their fifth
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22,545 bucks. from leicester, mass., it's the brown family. >> hanmi taekwondo! steve: and from right here, atlanta, georgia, it's the smith family. today, if the brown family wins the game, they drive out of here in a brand-new stylish ford fusion. give me carolyn, give me kevin. let's go. all right, guys, here we go. we've got the top 6 answers on the board. if a man wants to save money, he should dump his girlfriend before what date? carolyn. >> wedding day. steve: before the wedding day, yeah. yeah. >> valentine's day. steve: valentine's day. >> yeah! we're gonna play.


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